Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival DLC

Sorry, I know I promised a NES game review but I’ve been busy with Mass effect 2: The Arrival DLC and Portal 2. That is why I’ll be reviewing these two games first.
You need to save a deep under cover agent, Dr. Amanda Kenson, from a Batarian and discover the truth behind an anceint Reaper artifact that is a key factor in “the arrival”, get it?, of the Reapers.

Nothing new from Mass Effect 2’s Unreal Engine 3, if you like the graphics from the main story then you’ll like the graphics in this DLC.
Great voice acting, explosions boom, and gunfire sounds great.

Game play
Some new gameplay ideas are introduced here. There is an acheivement to save the doctor without being spotted, however it isn’t very hard and isn’t as fun as other games with stealth modes. One part I really enjoyed was when you get to contol a LOKI Mech, it was an extremly short part in the DLC but it was fun none the less.
I found This DLC entertaining, it is a bit short for the $6.99 price. It really let me enjoy Mass Effect 2 one last time before Mass Effect 3 (Which I am extremly excited about)
Final Words
If you love Mass Effect 2 then buy this DLC


  1. Oh god, after finishing ME2 I haven't touched any of the DLC yet! I need to catch-up...

  2. The graphic looks really good. My laptop is a vaio e, core i3 ATI 5650 1Gb,gb ram. Can it handle this game?

  3. this is a great game.

  4. I really really liked this DLC just because it did carry on with the Reaper story line and sets itself up for ME3 nicely

  5. Graphics look incredible, thanks for the info.

  6. @Terminus Ex
    Run it on low to mid settings and you should be fine.

  7. love mass effect 2 but doubt im getting the dlc just can't see myself getting it